Deco-Epoxy 2C Sanitary


Two-components epoxy coating with sanitary certificate, high chemical and mechanical resistance for the protection and decoration of potable water, wastewater and food product facilities. It doesn’t contain solvents (100% solids).


  • Certificate of sanitary compliance reference nº 0961624088.
  • All its raw materials are included in the list of positive substances allowed and provided for by European legislation.
  • High mechanical resistance and hardness.
  • Total water tightness.
  • Easy to wash, decontaminate and maintain.
  • Anti-dust effect.

Colour: Transparent.


Sanitary Certificate Summary


Marking Floor Paint

Acrylic solvent base paint with good adherence, high mechanical resistance and anti slip properties. Paint for horizontal marking of floors of concrete, cement, asphalt, etc. for parking lots and areas, sidewalks, crosswalk, etc.

Colours: White, Yellow (Ral 1003), Red (Ral 2002), Blue (Ral 5015).



Acrylic Floor Paint

Acrylic paint for floors with a high resistance to wear and abrasion, avoiding the erosion of the pavement. High adherence and hardness.

Colours: White, Red, Green, Grey.



Deco-Suelos Aqua

100% Acrylic satin paint water base for the protection and decoration of parking floors, garages, warehouses, sports, etc., with a light traffic of vehicles.



Deco-Suelos Aqua Colourless

Waterproofing varnish for both surfaces porous and non porous. Protect and decorate floors such us, terraces, cement or concrete floors, printed pavements, brick faces, stone, etc.



Decopur Aqua

Aliphatic polyurethane enamel water based of two components, using as a curing agent aliphatic polyisocyanate, for the protection of floors of concrete or cement, metallic structures, wood, etc.

Colours: Charte colours RAL, NCS.
Colourless: Gloss and Satin.


Paint Epoxy Aqua 2 Components

Epoxy waterborne paint bi-component cured with polyamide, for protection of floors of concrete, metal structures, etc. Can be used as a self-leveling by adding a component (C) for thickness of 1 – 4 mm.

Colors: White, Red Oxide, Gray, Green and Colorless.


Floors Varnish


Acrylic varnish for floors with a high resistance to wear and abrasion, avoiding the erosion of the pavement. High adherence and hardness. For all types of floors mad out of asphalt and concrete, such us pavement road, interurban road, parking lots curbs, high traffic areas, etc.