Matt D-600

100% Acrylic water based paint. Perfect leveling. Fine finished and large decorative beauty. Anti-splashed. High spreading rate. Extreme rub resistance. Plaster ceilings and walls, plastered walls and masonry in general.

Paint with protection against fungi and algae.


Nature Acrylic.
Colour White and Tinting system.
Gloss Matt. 60º: 2-3 GU UNE-EN ISO 2813
Spreading rate 10 – 14 m2/l and coat
Wet scrub resistance Class 1 (< 5 μm for 200 wet scrub UNE-EN ISO 11998) UNE-EN 13300
Drying time Touch: 1 h / Repaint: 4-6 h
Thinner and cleaning utensils Water.
Packaging 4 Lt, 14 Lt