Base Albor


High quality synthetic enamel made out from alkyd resins with polyurethane. Product specially formulated for being used in DECO-COLOR tinting systems, obtaining with only 3 bases a great wide of colours. Available in bright, satin and matt finishing.

Base P - D - TR

Conforms to UNE 48316: Anticorrosive decorative enamels high performance solvent-based.

Product with certification reaction to fire. UNE-EN 13501-1



Bright Synthetic Enamel S-R Base

Fast drying bright synthetic enamel formulated from alkyd resins modified. Specially indicated for being used in DECO-COLOR tinting systems obtaining a wide range of colours with only two bases.

Enamel for exterior and interior metal surfaces such us agricultural machinery, metallic structures, civil works, and industrial works in general, paint gun preferably.

Base P - TR